Veterans Health: How I Found This Story

Setting up for the Interview, National Telemental Health Center, West Haven, CT

I had never heard of telemental health until I read an article about Dr. Linda Godleski in Medicine@Yale, a Yale School of Medicine publication that spotlights innovation in biomedical science, education and health care.  Dr. Godleski, an associate professor of psychiatry at the Medical School, was featured for having won the David M. Worthen Award for her outstanding work with the VA.  The article said:

Dr. Linda Godleski, MD

With John Sellinger, Telebehavioral Pain Psychologist, and Stephanie Purcell, National Quality Manager Nurse

“Telemental health medicine has proved to be an efficient and economic method of providing behavioral health services for patients who live in rural areas and might not otherwise have access to mental health care professionals.  Godleski and her colleagues have used the method for clinical assessments, individual and group psychotherapy, psycho-educational interventions, cognitive testing, and general psychiatry.”  Click here to read the full article .

Intrigued, I called Dr. Godleski and arranged a meeting at her office at the VA hospital in West Haven, Connecticut.  I brought cameras and we recorded the interview.  Afterwards, I had the pleasure of meeting several members of her staff at the VA’s National Telemental Health Center.