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  • Hard Hits, Hard Numbers:

    Hard Hits, Hard Numbers:

    The First Study of Head Impacts in Youth Football

    In a groundbreaking study, researchers at Virginia Tech placed instrumented helmets on 7 and 8-year-old football players and collected data on more than 750 hits to the head over the course of a season….

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  • Veterans Health

    Veterans Health

    SCREEN TIME: How Telemental Health Is Helping Underserved Veterans, Reducing Hospitalizations For Mental Illness Last year, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs announced plans to hire an additional 1,600 mental health professionals in an effort to provide better care to veterans waiting too long for mental health services. The announcement came just days before the VA’s own inspector general issued a sharply critical report on the department’s record of delivering timely mental health evaluations and treatment. Click here to read […]

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  • Veterans Health: My Personal Interest

    Veterans Health: My Personal Interest

    My personal interest in health services for America’s veterans comes by way of my father, Vic Phillips, who experienced first hand the consequences of delayed medical treatment.

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  • Veterans Health: How I Found This Story

    Veterans Health: How I Found This Story

    I had never heard of telemental health until I read an article about Dr. Linda Godleski in Medicine@Yale, a Yale School of Medicine publication that spotlights innovation in biomedical science, education and health care.  Dr. Godleski, an associate professor of psychiatry at the Medical School, was featured for having won the David M. Worthen Award for her outstanding work with the VA.  The article said: “Telemental health medicine has proved to be an efficient and economic method of providing behavioral […]

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  • Veterans Health: PTSD Treatment

    Veterans Health: PTSD Treatment

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